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Business philosophy & principles

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Business philosophy

Our business philosophy is based on the following pillars

  • Focus on high integrity advisory services founded on sound business judgment

  • Long-term client relationships, rooted in trust and reliability

  • Excellence in execution through extensive transaction knowledge and customised solutions

  • We provide innovative solutions with strict focus on value creation for our clients


Convent Corporate's approach is to develop a close relationship with the client by implementing the following principles:

  • Only undertake a limited number of engagements at any time to ensure that each client receives personal focus and dedicated work.

  • Ensure that the client's interests are handled in the most efficient way possible. This means that all responsibility for the client is always controlled by one of the company's partners and that all critical elements in the process are handled by an experienced employee.

  • Ensure that the client has access to all relevant expertise from our network.

  • Enter into a mandate agreement with the client before starting a project that specifies tasks, areas of responsibility, work programme and fee structure.

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