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Advisory serices

Convent Corporate’s Strategic Advisory business provides differentiated strategic and tactical advice as well as unparalleled execution to both public and private companies across a broad range of industry sectors and geographies. We help our clients identify and pursue strategic priorities, devise strategies to enhance shareholder value, and develop new ideas and deeper perspective to achieve their goals. We advise boards and management teams on how to successfully develop relationships with and communicate their strategies and M&A transactions to their shareholders. Our success begins and ends with an unrelenting commitment to delivering world-class strategic and financial advice and client service.


We support our clients in buying companies, shares or assets. Often called buy-side advisory, services typically include target identification, valuation assessments, strategic and tactical advice and negotiation support. We have extensive experience in this area and can assist at any stage of such a transaction.


We help all types of clients plan, structure and execute the sale of companies, shares or assets. This is often called sell-side advisory. Based on our vast experience in this area, we are able to tailor the sales process to each client’s particular needs and situation.

Mergers & Acquisitions

In advising companies on an acquisition, merger, or sale, we evaluate potential targets, provide valuation analyses, and evaluate and propose financial and strategic alternatives. We provide boards and management teams with independent judgment and deep expertise as they navigate their most important transactions and strategic decisions. We also advise as to the timing, structure, financing, and pricing of a proposed transaction as well as assist in negotiating and closing the deal


We help our clients to merge their company with one or more other companies. We typically advise our clients on relative valuation, deal structure issues as well as the tactical issues in the process. On some occasions, we have also acted as joint advisor to both parties in a merger transaction.

Company valuations

We help our clients assess the value of their company or companies. Through our valuation methodology and experience, we can estimate a company´s value as a “stand alone” case, as well as its value in a possible transaction. We also offer “fairness opinions” for listed companies that are subject to public bids.

IPO Advisory

We help clients list their company on the stock exchange. As an independent corporate finance player with no brokerage arm, we have full commitment to our client. We assist throughout the demanding transaction, adding value through evaluation of timing, structure and tactical considerations, prospectus development, manager selection and price negotiation etc.

Debt Advisory

We provide value-added services for clients looking to renegotiate existing bank debt, free up capital from their successful business or looking for an alternative to growth equity. Our vast network and continuous interaction with banks and other debt providers enable profound knowledge of what is required to secure the optimal debt financing for your firm. Situations we typically advise on include capital structure optimization, recapitalization, growth capital, acquisition financing and refinancing of existing debt.


We perform fundraising for our clients, assisting in finding new equity and other financing in selected situations. Such advisory is frequently focused on private placements, rights issues and other forms of funding. We also advise on debt restructuring in selected situations.

Strategic Alliances & Partner Search

We assist clients seeking the right strategic partner for their company. We can provide assistance with the actual search as well as with the process of entering into a strategic alliance or financial partnership. We use our industry knowledge, experience and our vast contact network to ensure the right match.

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